Just a little bit of stress relief.

Stressed out with university, assignments, work, friends and family? Does the thought of professional practical experience for university just make this worse and overwhelming? Then it’s time to stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. It’s time to take a little time out fro yourself and relax, but you can’t relax for too long otherwise you’ll never get those assignments done!

So breathing exercises don’t work for you either? That’s ok! Maybe try having a laugh by watching something funny; it could be as simple as a small video you find on Facebook or YouTube, which Maggie Steven mentions in her recent blog. There is so many different things you could do to engage in some stress relief, which can be read online. Various health organisations offer pointers on relieving stress including this great website.

So remember to take some time out from work and your studies to have a quick breather, otherwise you’re going to become too overwhelmed and exhausted!

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