Lets enhance and transform your learning!


Are your students bored? Not paying attention in class? Lack motivation to complete set activities within your learning experiences? Then I am here to help! It seems in contemporary society that students require some form of ICT (digital technologies) interaction, whether it is through how educators present and teach content or by how students undertake set activities and assessment pieces. More and more recent studies highlight that the inclusion of ICT within lesson planning  ultimately enable educators to establishing teaching objectives as the employment of digital technology increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of instructional practices, for both learning and teaching methods. Such studies that analyses the effectiveness of implementing ICT within learning practices includes recent work of Professor Shyamal Mujamdar, Ph.D.  Furthermore, Courtney Green discusses how it is beneficial for both students and educators to demonstrate the use of ICT within learning opportunities as it enhancing and transforms students learning experience.



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