‘The Big Three’ reasons.


Education evolves and adapts, just like the human race. This means educators must evolve and adapt in their way of teaching, ultimately their pedagogical philosophy modifies. In contemporary society the implementation of digital technology within classroom curricula is becoming more and more popular and demanding, resulting in pedagogical philosophies to adapt and adjust to these rapid changes.

To enable educators to accept these modifications and employ them in their pedagogical practices, Universities are embedding ICT based courses so that pre-service teachers can comprehend the effectiveness of the use of digital technologies when teaching. EDC3100 is one course offered that highlights the significance of ICT and Pedagogy. One theory and practice that it advocates is ‘The Big Three’ reasons why “an increasing number of countries include ICT in the curricula of initial teacher training” (p. 105).

The big three reasons are:

  1. ICT can help prepare the next generation for the future workplace.
  2. ICT can make schools more efficient and productive; and are meant to make any number of tasks more efficient and productive.
  3. ICT can reform and innovate learning and teaching by enhancing and transforming learning and teaching.

Overall, it is evident that these University courses are beneficial for educators and  use of ICT within pedagogies, which can be demonstrated in Maggie Steven’s blog.

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