Struggling to use ICT.


Are you frustrated? Sick of using ICT? Having a mental breakdown because nothing is working? Is ICT working against you? Then let’s be friends!

Currently I am undertaking a University course, EDC3100, and nothing seems to be working for me! During this course I have to complete multiple blogs with hyperlinks to numerous online resources and fellow blogs written by students. However, I always seem to stuff up some how in the smallest way possible, making me the most frustrated individual. For example, when I’m linking to another student’s blog I find myself stuffing up by simply using the incorrect URL, making the hyperlink not useful and irrelevant to my blog.

So today I am writing to let out my frustration with digital technology and how it makes me upset. I know I’m not the only one out there that feels the same way as me, as many individuals find themselves to be upset and overwhelmed when using ICT. Maggie Steven’s blog highlights the similar emotions to me when having to use ICT.

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