Be careful of copyright!


Have you ever just copied and pasted a few words or even an image? Well, I’m sorry to inform you but you have most likely committed a copyright offence! Copyright refers to the legal right the author or creator has in relation to an original piece of work (UOS, 2016). These exclusive rights enables authors and creators to have control of the publication and distribution of their work, ultimately allowing them to have the power to allow another individual to copy their work or not without their permission (UOS, 2016).

Being a student at university, it is essential to understand these defilements and how to use another person’s work correctly without making any copyright violations, alongside being able to reference appropriately when completing assessment. The University of Sydney have published information regarding copyright and have created a copyright guide for students, which can be viewed on the following website .

Further websites that provide an insight into copyright regulations can be viewed on Sophie Lofthouse’s blog.


University of Sydney. (2016). Copyright guide for students. Retrieved March 10, 2016, from

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