ICT and Pedagogy? Tell me more!


Previously, the implementation of ICT within pedagogies has been discussed, highlighting how digital technology is a stimulating tool for learners. However, there are countless reasons why educators should utilise ICT within classroom pedagogies.

In contemporary society educators are challenged with an increasing rate of learning needs. Within classrooms, it is becoming more common to have a range of diverse needs, such as students’ level of ability for literacy and numeracy and having English as a second language. An effective and efficient way educators can cater to these diverse range of learning needs is by utilising digital technology within learning experiences. Educators can employ ICT by incorporating interactive learning experiences through educational websites. This website provides numerous fun and exciting educational experiences for students in lower primary classes, which are guaranteed to capture the students’ attention as the layout is bright, colourful and focuses on relative content that individuals will not only be able to relate to but will find interesting.

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