ICT? What even is that?!

Digital-Technology (1)

When someone mentions ICT I become completely confused. What does this even mean? Someone please explain it to me! Well, ICT means ‘Information and Communication(s) Technologies,’ or more commonly known as digital technologies.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if something is electronic it is an ICT. For example, an old style analog television is not an ICT as this object does not have digital technologies embedded within it, instead it stores words, pictures and sounds and represents these elements on items such as magnetic tape or plastic film. However, a smart television is classified as an ICT as it contains numerous digital technologies, which converts information into numbers (digits) and stores and displays these numbers instead. Digital technologies also represent information through binary digits (0 and 1).

In order for digital technology to perform, three high level operations have to be established;

  • Input: Convert some ‘thing’ into a digital format.
  • Process: The ability to manipulate binary information, including the process of photo recognition and Photoshop.
  • Output: Digital information is manipulated into another format by some form of digital technology, such as the action of touch, view and listen.

On a daily basis we are surrounded by digital technologies. Our lives and undertaking basic tasks rely on ICT. By implementing ICT within our lives and our livelihoods, alongside a means to communicate and interact with others, has benefited all individuals in a positive manner.  This website highlights exactly how digital technology has transformed our lives in a positive way, assisting us in a daily basis.


Jones, D. (2016). What do you know about ICT? Retrieved March 2, 2016, from http://usqstudydesk.usq.edu.au/m2/mod/book/view.php?id=530825&chapterid=34408

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