Blah, Blah, Blah.

Struggling with motivation to finish your assignment? Do you find yourself having to delete everything and restart because none of it made sense? Are you THAT tired you can’t think or process anything? Struggling with uni? Struggling to finish assignments on time? ARE YOU STRUGGLING? Then stop and take a break. I love to take study breaks, probably way too often actually. Hence, why I’m staying up late to finish off an assignment. When I procrastinate I do many different things; I cook, I watch movies, go get my hair done, go shopping, I even clean.

So if you’re struggling with uni, stop and watch this hilarious video:

If you want to read more information about Assignment 3 then check out Maggie’s blog:

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The end is near!

Look out! It’s that time of the uni semester again where we find ourselves staying up late to finish off our last minute assessment pieces and to start smashing in some study for our exams. We all know the feeling; you’re tired, you are exhausted, you just want to sleep in. But no, we have to wake up early to work on assignments, we find ourselves accidentally skipping out on lunch (which is a big deal for me because I love my food) and staying up to early hours of the morning sitting in front of a laptop screen trying so passionately to get your assignment done.

Check out Maggie’s blog on nearly finishing the uni semester:

Then, check out this cool video on funny animals:

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Needs some motivation?

Are you struggling to finish of Part D, your evaluation for Assignment 3? Sick of staying up late to attempt to work hard on your assignments? Do you find your always procrastinating? Then look no further, I a, here to help you finish your assignment on time!

During Part D- the evaluation, I wrote about numerous factors that I encountered whilst integrating ICT within my lesson plans. One element I spoke about was fulfilling the teacher requirements in relation to implementing digital technology with regards to the Australian Teaching Standards. On this website it will give you lots and lots and lots and lots of more information;

If you would like more points on writing Part D, check out this cool blog!

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IWB’s: A Teaching Revolution

What to hear a secret? Well stop scrolling and listen here! I have the secret for you! It’s Interactive Whiteboards! That’s right, IWB’s! They are great ICT tool to implement within the classroom. Not only can you still write, display pictures and read text off it, but you can also stream videos, play interactive learning games to engage students and have complete control over your lesson by staying at the front of the classroom and not having to walk back and forth to your laptop. Maggie Steven’s recent blog highlights key factors that make IWB’s so fantastic for both the teacher and learner.

This website also discusses how IWB’s can be implemented to engage learners through interactive learning activities and programs that can be employed by using an interactive whiteboard.

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Has Prac got you feeling stressed out?

Feeling stressed out?  Can’t wait til it’s 3pm this Friday so you’ve finished yet another professional practical experience for your university degree? Do you find yourself emotionally eating after getting home from prac? Or wanting to head down to Dan Murphys to check out what deal is on a bottle of vodka? Well maybe you need to stop and add some humour or relaxation back into your life!

I know I’m not alone at counting down the days til I finish my prac and uni for the semester. Just ask Maggie Stevens! In her latest blog she highlights how she’s happy that’s she’s finally half way through her professional practical experience for uni!

So take a minute or two and listen to this fantastic clip about an 8 year old calling in to demolish her school! It’ll definitely put a smile on your face!

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The joys of being a teacher.

When you become a teacher, there is so many positive and negative factors, just like any occupation. Such negative objectives includes the huge work loads educators have due to planning and preparing for fantastic learning experiences for students, which teachers lack credit for. However, the amount of positive objectives outweigh the negatives, making teaching worth wild. Such positives include that teaching is truly rewarding and fulfilling, as you are helping children learn and develop knowledge and skill acquisition that will be used to live a long happy life. However, another positive includes the opportunity to participate in excursions for learning experiences. Fellow blogger, Elly, post a brief blog about the excitement of undertaking excursions when being a teacher.However, there are numerous health and safety regulations that must be followed, which can be viewed on this website.

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Time to plan assessment pieces!

As educators and even university students, knowledge and skill acquisition for planning and creating assessment pieces for students or even just for assignments for university is required. There is so many factors and regulations that need to be considered and incorporated when writing assessment pieces. Such elements that individuals need to cover can be viewed on Maggie Steven’s most recent blog:

  • Evidence of the curriculum, assessment and pedagogy aligning.
  • Evidence of incorporating the Learning Area syllabus from the Australian Curriculum, alongside the supporting Standards Elaborations from QCAA, which can be viewed on this website.
  • The development of sequential learning experiences that will support students to produce items of evidence for learning.
  • Teaching strategies underpinned and defined that will be utilised when teaching, alongside how ICT will be utilised within the learning experience when required.
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